Fire Retardant

FR Retardant ACP

EUROBOND FR is composed of fire resistant mineral filled core sandwiched between two skins of selected thickness of architectural aluminum skin of engineered alloys such as 3003 / 5005 with Kynar 500(PVDF) lacquered surface on front and service coated on rear. EUROBOND FR panels can be processed and fabricated as any other EUROBOND ACPs and are very tough and weatherproof and, above all, do not actively contribute to combustion in fire.


APPLICATION : Residential buildings, public utility buildings such as indoor and mega stadia, museums, theater buildings, art galleries, corporate headquarter and offices, malls and supermarkets, car show rooms, fuel filling stations. This is also for corporate identity for organizations wants to create a new image-building (Corporate Design).

Our product is going to satisfy all the below standards effortlessly even it would outperform and remain close to A2 class of fire retardant class of building materials.


Fire Behaviour / Class Criteria
German National Acceptance criteria1 DIN 4102-1 Class B1
European Union Acceptance criteria2 EN ISO 13501-1 Class B
Flamming Droplets EN 11925 - (d0 ) Flaming droplets- None
Fire Growth rate EN ISO 13823 – (s1) FIGRA ≤200 W.s-1
Total heat release in first 600sec THR600s≤ 7.5 MJ
Smoke growth rate SMOGRA ≤ 30m2.s-2
Lateral flame spread LFS < edge of specimen
Total smoke produced in first 600sec TSP600s≤ 50m2
British fire standard3 BS 476 Class 0
Fire propagation Index (I) Part 6 Overall I<12 & sub i1< 6
Flame spread on Surface Part 7 < 165mm for class 1

Fire safety in buildings is determined by the provisions available in building construction in its design and materials so that in case of any such man made or natural accidents such as fire does have minimum impact on loss of life or injuries. So in case of fire the building materials must be such it should able to withstand or facilitate the firefighting and escape of people in such a manner that loss to life is negligible and then to the property.


EUROBOND FR comes handy here has its FR ACP with a mineral filled core which reduces the intensity and spread of fire with low smoke emission and a non- toxic smoke facilitates safer escape routes and facilitate to better firefighting approach.