EUROBOND Aluminum Composite Panel is introduced by Euro Panel Products Pvt.Ltd. who is dedicated to manufacturing and developing aluminum composite panel and innovative metal composite panels.

The Company has its manufacturing unit in Umbergaon, Gujarat which is one of the biggest ACP Plant in India. The Plant spreads in 4 acres of land with a construction area of more than 4000 sq. meters. Company’s investment in the state of art technologies from Germany & Taiwan ensures a minimum production of 10000 sq. meters of ACP per day. With the help of the modern technologies, it can use coil thickness ranging from 0.04mm to 1mm and ACP thickness from 1mm to 6mm. The flexible manufacturing line allows to produce width from 3ft to 5ft and any length size as per the order requirement.


Virgin & Dull Natural LDPE

The company uses Next to Virgin LDPE which does not have traces of oils, dirt, silicone, polyester or any number of contaminants that could weaken the material and provide inconsistency in the finished product. Use of High Quality LDPE ensures great strength and flexibility in the Aluminum Panel sheets thereby facilitating easy installation and bending across various shapes and sizes as required.


Surface Protective Film

Despite of the industry standard of 70-micron protective film, EUROBOND ACP’s have protective film of 80microns which ensures higher scratch and impact resistance and also allows easy peel off after installation. We also have a transparent layer over the SPF which nullifies the chances of the ink on the SPF to spread.


"EUROBOND" places much emphasis on science and technology and strict quality control. All the raw materials and finish products are tested by advanced equipments imported from Germany and Japan.

The test including : 180 peeling strength and dynamic character of raw materials by electronic universal tester, Colour Difference, Boiling water resistance, Finish Coating Thickness, Impact Resistance, Gloss test, Adhesion Test, Peel off Strength, pencil Hardness and so on guarantee first grade of "EUROBOND" products.