Metallic Finish

Grade Total Thickness Front Coil Thickness LDPE Core Thickness Black Coil Thickness Coating Application Area
4MM PLATINIUM (4PL) 4mm 0.50 3.00 0.50 PVDF EXTERIOR
4MM TITANIUM (4TI) 4mm 0.25 3.50 0.25 PVDF EXTERIOR
3MM RUBY (3RB) 3mm 0.25 2.50 0.25 PVDF EXTERIOR
3MM GOLD (3GL) 3mm 0.18 2.64 0.18 PE INTERIOR
3MM SILVER (3SL) 3mm 0.10 2.80 0.10 PE INTERIOR

Metallic Finish Aluminium Panels comes with a metallic finish on the surface that gives the feel of a Metal. However, as compared to metal they are very easy to work with and easy to install. They are available in various colors that give customer a wide range of choice to pick from.

Metallic Finish Aluminium Panels are used in interiors as well as exteriors of residential as well as commercial buildings. They are durable, weather resistant and long lasting.

Platinum    Ruby    Titanium    Gold    Silver